When it comes to tanks, an image of the ruler of fields emerges in the minds. With over 200 types of battle tanks all over the world, only a few get to rule and stand as the invincible battle machines. Here, we share our Tank Experience Day information with you when we got to have a date with the Challenger.

The Challenger, with its latest version being Challenger 2 is one of the most powerful battle tanks in the world made for the exclusive use of the United Kingdom army. Equipped with the latest Chobham armour, Challenger stands as an offensive yet one of the most protected battle machines in the world today. Weighing 63 tons, this machine offers any army the offensive advantage over the enemies and protection from any direct assault other than an air-strike. Hard built for multiple attacks, the Challenger stands unbeatable.

Now coming to our Tank Experience Day information, we got to know that this tank is equipped with a rifled gun as the primary weapon and L94A1 chain gun as the second machine gun. The Challenger 2 is a redesigned version of Challenger1 with better fuel capacity of roughly 1600 litres and better speed.

The Challenger 2 offers an on road speed of 59 km per hour and 40 km per hour off road. With quick manoeuvrability, Challenger really poses a big challenge for the enemy armies.
Taking our experience day information ahead for the Challenger, we come to the equipment that help the crew to fire and power up the Challenger. Apart from its superior protection and armaments, The challenger comes heavily equipped along with its laser range finder, 8 periscopes, supersonic radar and a thermal vision screen that allows night vision. With crew of 4 , driver, gunner, commander and loader, the Challenger comes heavily loaded and can surge through the enemy defence systems to create havoc.

When we got the chance of a ride, the Challenger takes on all the challenges on road and off road. It proves out to be the roller of destruction putting everything in its way to rest or pieces. Travelling almost 600 km in one fuelling, the Challenger gives the durability and strength it promises. With a blast range of about 5-8km, the challenger gives you the chance of hitting your enemy deep inside cover. With the new C2 processor and ballistic missile system in its access, the challenger not only fires the missiles in time, it makes sure that the target no longer exists. When combined with the multi launcher and the launch pad, the Challenger is capable of firing 4 missiles at a go and capable of launching and lifting combat helicopters for aided air strike.

In all, the Challenger delivers what it has been made for. A total win.With this, we conclude our experiencing information. There is no way a group of Challengers can ever be stopped. With an efficient output for drive and battle, the Challenger is what wins the battle for you while you just control it smartly.