Facts about Truck Insurance

Although many people say that when it comes to road transport, four are safer than twelve and they may be right, there are times though when twelve wheels are better than four. Usually the time and place where twelve wheels are better is during heavy load work in the middle of traffic. It is necessary to get insurance for all trucks and lorries before they are ridden on that city’s streets. Even though top lorry insurance is not as cheap as car insurance, looking after it and having regular services can also save you on insurance costs. If you are not that familiar with insurance policies, it is often best to use a broker to find you the best insurance for your needs. For both four wheel and two wheel vehicles, most insurance companies will offer either third party policies or fully comprehensive policies and which one you opt for is entirely up to you. The difference between the two is that the third party insurance will only pay for damages and injuries for any third parties involved in an accident; they will not pay damages or pay for medical assistance to the insured person. Comprehensive insurance also pays for damages and injuries to third parties but it also pays those same things to the holder of the policy. Obviously the fully comprehensive insurance costs more but even if an insurance company pays out on a third party policy, they will up the cost of that insurance. Having insurance is a legal requirement and it is a good thing that it is as most of us could not afford to pay for all the damage that may be caused and certainly wouldn’t be able to pay much in medical costs for any injured people. Although we must therefore have insurance, none of us wants to pay more for insurance than we have to and so that it is wiser to use an insurance broker in order to find you the best deal. Brokers are not agents as they do not work for any one insurance company and so they are better situated to find you the best deal regardless of which insurance company is offering it.