Police Reports For Auto Accidents

Accidents on the road that are more than just a slight bump or those that causes people to be injured are more likely to call the attention of the police force. The police would investigate the accident to discover the cause of the accident.

When the police are present, they do not only investigate the scene but they also help make sure that those that need medical attention would be given the medical attention that they need. They also secure the scene in order to prevent other people from being further injured. They also prevent other people from being hurt because of the scene. Once they have done these, they can now start with their investigation and start their questioning. They record and obtain statements from various witnesses as well as take photos of the scene. The photos that they take would play a great part in the evidence and it will also help in determining who is at fault in the accident. All of the information that they gather will all be collated to produce a police report.

The Police Report

The police report is a document created by the police and it can be used in legal cases. The officer is responsible for creating this document and it is their take on what happened on the accident based on the different evidences that they have gathered. Although it is a legal document, it is still highly subjective and there can still be a lot of errors or wrong assumptions in it. Some even have incorrect data and it is possible to discredit them.

Some police reports are open to the public but there are also others that can be confidential, especially those that are for criminal and civil cases. The police reports are also available to the top auto accident attorneys Houston has, if you hire them for your accident case. It is important that your attorney has a copy of this so that they will know what the police thinks about the case. It can be used to help you win over the verdict when you file for your claim.

The police report will include important data such as the place and time that the incident occurred, a description of the accident as well as the photos of the scene, the details of those involved as well as their vehicles, those who were injured, as well as the current condition of the scene at the time of the accident.

How Police Reports Help You

The copy of the police report can be used to help in the prosecution of the other guilty party. Your lawyer can get hold of this to help you to get the claim that you have filed for. It can be also useful for insurance firms who want to get a clear picture of the accident that has happened. The information can be very helpful to also protect yourself if the other party simply wants to seek a larger payout by filing for a claim. This really depends on which side you are in but nevertheless, the police reports are helpful for the case.